Auido Technica AT-HA26D Headphone Amplifier

Auido Technica AT-HA26D Headphone Amplifier

Auido Technica AT-HA21 Headphone amplifier

Amplifier that awakens the true strength hidden in the earphones and gives
full play to the potential performance of playback equipment

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  • High-rigidity aluminum alloy body and die-cast molding front panel, suppress unnecessary vibration,
    suppress distortion and unnecessary vibration generated by the body itself, and achieve high sound quality
  • Use carefully selected audio-specific parts to achieve perfect high-sound
    quality. Capacitors and operational amplifiers that shoulder the burden of high-quality performance are all carefully selected audio-specific parts.
  • Equipped with a low-noise, low-distortion headphone amplifier, showing clear sound
  • Achieve low noise by FET input, and can fully reproduce the delicate part
  • Transistor type amplifier output, play sound with ease
  • Using a large-capacity AC transformer to achieve the abundant low-frequency performance of high-power demand headphones
  • Analog direct output function, AV system construction and expansion are easy and convenient
  • Equipped with Ø 6.3mm stereo standard socket and Ø 3.5mm stereo mini socket, two earphones can be used at the same time


Frequency response
Total harmonic distortion
Below 0.0008% (32Ω)
Signal to noise ratio
Above 108dB (JIS-A)
Maximum output power
300mW+300mW (at 32Ω, THD 10%)
Import terminal
DC15V (use the attached AC transformer)
Output terminal
Headphone output (Ø3.5mm stereo mini jack, Ø6.3mm stereo standard jack), analog straight-through output (RCA jack×2)
Power supply type
DC15V (use the attached AC transformer)
H44×W105×D1142mm (excluding protrusions)
About 465g
AC adaptor

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