KLARKTEKNIK SQ 1D 8 Channel Dual-Mode Compressor

KLARKTEKNIK SQ 1D 8 Channel Dual-Mode Compressor


Dual 30 Band, 1/3 Octave Analogue Graphic Equaliser with Enhanced Proportional-Q Response

The SQ1G is the latest evolutionary step in a process of design refinement that goes back over 40 years to the earliest KLARK TEKNIK graphic equalisers. The enhanced Proportional-Q response recaptures that of the classic single channel DN27 graphic equaliser using modern solid-state design and manufacturing technologies, and the SQ1G features dual channel 30 band graphic equalisation with fixed high-pass and low-pass filters per channel. The SQ1G provides the essential features for corrective equalisation and filtering in a cost-effective package, without compromise on audio performance, and is ideal for both Front of House and stage monitoring applications, where both the gentle contouring and surgically precise high-Q notches uniquely made possible by the Proportional-Q response enhance intelligibility as well as eliminating sub-sonic rumble, room and speaker resonances and standing waves.

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Enhanced Proportional-Q Response

KLARK TEKNIK’s enhanced Proportional-Q equalisation off ers key advantages over the more numerous Constant-Q graphic equalisers on the market. A Constant-Q response boosts or cuts an increasingly wide band of frequencies, resulting in more of the frequency spectrum being lost when using a Constant-Q equaliser to eliminate problem frequencies. If the response of a Constant-Q equaliser is made narrower to compensate, the result is ripple in the frequency response when small amounts of boost and cut are applied.

In contrast, with a Proportional-Q response, at low amounts of cut or boost the width of the filter is relatively broad allowing for gentle contouring of the frequency spectrum, but becomes progressively narrower as the amount of boost or cut is increased, giving a more “focused” response ensuring that problem frequencies can be attenuated quickly and effectively. At the same time, the enhanced Proportional-Q equalisation response used on SQ1G minimises interaction between adjacent frequency bands, allowing subtle tonal correction without frequency response ripple, so that more of the musical content is preserved.

Comprehensive Filter Control

SQ1G augments the Proportional-Q graphic equalisation section with fixed high- and low-pass filters for corrective control of the audio spectrum. The 80 Hz 12 dB/oct high-pass filter is invaluable for the smooth rejection of unwanted low and subsonic frequencies, particularly relevant for use with modern compact wedge monitors. The 12 kHz 12 dB/oct low-pass filter can be used to improve intelligibility by tailoring the upper frequency response to match that of typical wedge monitor speakers.

A channel gain control is provided with range from -∞ to +6 dB. In the event of sudden on-stage feedback, this control can be used to immediately mute the signal path whilst the cause is established.

High Resolution Faders

The SQ1G graphic equaliser section features centre-detented long-throw 45 mm precision oil-damped faders which allow a high degree of control over the ±12 dB range. A channel bypass switch is also provided for easy comparison of the graphic equaliser setting with the direct signal. The faders also feature protective covers to inhibit the ingress of dirt and dust, to maximise their working life in demanding environments.

Electronically-balanced Inputs and Outputs

SQ1G has electronically-balanced inputs with excellent common-mode rejection and the electronic servo-balanced outputs have high-drive capability to cope with long cable runs. Although equalisers are more generally used on console inserts, the SQ1G is fully capable of being used in-line with cables running the long distances between the Front of House mix position, the main stage and the delay towers in festival PA systems. Power-off bypass relays preserve the signal path in the event of a power failure.

Built for the Road

Featuring a rugged steel 3U rackmount enclosure, the SQ1G is designed for the rigours of live concert touring. Premium Neutrik XLR connectors, plus parallel-connected ¼ " TRS connectors, are used to ensure reliable audio connections, night after night.

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